Hasan Göktaş

Fraud Manager // Analyst

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    Hasan Göktaş
  • Birthday

    December 23, 1990
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    0533 221 66 21
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    Zümrütevler Mah. Maltepe / Istanbul
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About Me

Fraud Manager // Analyst

Extremely curious trying to be ordinary

Hello, I'm Hasan,

I was born in Fikirtepe, one of the quietest districts of Istanbul, in 1990. In the Electronics department of Haydarpaşa Industrial Vocational High School, I learned many questions, from the question of how the electrical installation of a 4-storey building is made, to the question of whether Perhydrol really hurts, where you touch in the power supply, to the smallest detail, both by trying and by our teachers for 1 year. At the end of the year, I transferred to Haydarpaşa Technical High School Computer Department in 2004.

For a period of 3 years, I had enough knowledge to write projects on software (pascal, delphi, visual basic, c, c#, php, asp), hardware, graphics, data and web design. I graduated in 2010 by working as a freelancer in the web field. I made a vertical transfer to Anadolu University Economics department. I was able to complete my undergraduate education in 4 years by failing to take the exams by accident in two different final exams :) I completed my master's degree at Altınbaş University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Business Administration. I have provided consultancy services to many corporate companies on internet solutions. Thanks to working with the best software developers and directors of Turkey in the field of Information Technology and Payment Systems, I had the opportunity to experience the expression of being open-mouthed every day. During these processes, I learned  Payment Systems (Atm, Provision, Chargeback), Customer Relations (Crm, Callcenter) thanks to my curiosity and a bit of special directives.

In 2012, I started to serve professionally in the fraud industry. Since Fikirtepe, the district where I live, has a significant share in the fraud industry (we lost the lead due to urban transformation :) ), I frequently witnessed cases that an expert would consider interesting but ordinary for me, had a positive impact on my business life. Currently, I continue to work in the field of fraud. I am a married citizen with 1 child who has the best vehicle in the world, but tries to look ordinary, usually uses public compressed transportation (metrobus, marmaray, metro) or bicycle to cope with Istanbul traffic.

Edit: friends, you were wondering about my vehicle model. For me, the most valuable object in the world is the object I own. My most valuable vehicle for now is 2012 Model Linea :)


Combination of Skill & Experience


  • Master of Business Administration

    University of Altinbas
    2017 - 2019

    I learned the scientific and academic training of marketing, economics and finance, entrepreneurship, communication, human resources, management and leadership skills, operations management and being a manager in companies.

  • Economy

    University of Anadolu
    2010 - 2015

    By examining and analyzing the production of goods and services, consumption and money circulation, the use of economic resources, price policy systems, I identified the failing aspects.

  • Informatics Technology

    Univercity of Sakarya
    2008 - 2010

    I was trained in the development and application of mathematical models of processes and objects, mathematical techniques, software tools to address science, technology, economics and management problems.


  • Senior Business Analyst

    2022 - running

    I carry out activities to evaluate business processes, anticipate requirements, reveal areas of improvement and produce solutions. I identify the needs of a project or program and convey them to my team. I work by developing technical solutions to business problems or increasing the company's sales efforts.

  • Fraud Manager

    Burgan Bank
    2018 - 2022

    E-deposit, credit, debit card etc. To ensure the security of applications made through digital/branch/dealer channels for banking products. Managing the current process by developing rules for applications.

  • Fraud Specialist

    Aktif Bank
    2014 - 2018

    Fraud checks for card and digital (eft, money order, sim blocked) transactions, ensuring the security of credit, card (debit, pp, credit), bond applications, and performing fraud checks for new customer acquisition.

Personal Skills

Time Management90%
Analytical Thinking95%

Business Skills

Application Fraud 100%
Card and Digital Transaction Fraud98%
Dijital Onboarding Fraud99%
Quality Operations Management90%
Anti-Money Laundering77%

Software Skills

  • Php

  • Sql

  • Photoshop

  • Tableau

  • Sap

  • Ms Office

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